Infos to the organisation and founding of "Infinite Compassion" - Infinite Compassion


Infinite Compassion is an international charity organization, which was founded by the realized Tibetan Buddhist master Shamar Rinpoche in 2009. This organization supports school projects for underprivileged children in Tibet, Nepal and India on the one hand and engages in lessening and ending the unnecessary suffering of animals on the other.

Establishing schools in underserved areas in the Himalaya region does not only provide education for the children who would otherwise not get any but also grants them accommodation, food, clothing and medical care as in most cases the parents are not able to care for their children or because the children are orphans. Irrespective of the children’s roots or religions or their personal situations, we care for all those children who need our help most, in order to give them a real chance for better lives after finishing school.

The well-being of animals was very dear to Shamar Rinpoche’s heart and he was very affected by the tremendous cruelty animals have to face all over the world. It is his aim to end this unnecessary suffering of the animals: „Human beings have the duty to look after all other beings on Earth. We must care particularly well for those animals which serve humans as a source of food, fibre, entertainment and as pets. At the very least we must provide them with very comfortable conditions during their lives until they are slaughtered. We must make special efforts to minimize and, if possible, to completely eliminate all pain and sufferings of these animals when they are slaughtered.“

There are already active branches of Infinite Compassion in Germany, Switzerland, the USA and in Hong Kong. More branches of the organization are about to be set up in Sweden, France and Spain.