30.000 Euro for our school project in East Tibet - Infinite Compassion

projekt-mit-hairtalkThe project dear to Shamar Rinpoche’s and Jigme Rinpoche’s hearts will now be accomplished by the Erlangen-based company hairtalk. The generous donation of 30,000 Euros makes it possible to start building the school. It was given on the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary in 2015.

The school is situated in eastern Tibet in the hometown of the 16th Karmapa, Shamar Rinpoche as well as Jigme Rinpoche. Three classrooms, two bedrooms and a kitchen will be built for currently 40 children, in the next months. Once the building is completed even 75 children can be accommodated.

Sabine Teuber, manager of Infinite Compassion is pleased about it: “Irregular lessons taking place outdoors and on the monastery’s floor will be history now. We are very happy to be able to build this school and to provide the luxury of classrooms, school furniture and bedrooms to the children – something which is taken for granted in Europe.”

The school education will allow the children to attend a secondary school or to start a vocational training later.

hairtalk’s Oliver Schneck is also pleased with the joint implementation of the project: “A good education is the basis of a somewhat decent life, and we are very happy that our support for the school will allow many generations of pupils taking the steps into a positive future.”

hairtalk has had a strong relationship with Asia for many decades, as the hair used for hair extensions, toupees and wigs originate from there. Moreover, the manufacturing plant is also located there, says Günter Alex, hairtalk brand product developer: “I travel on business in different Asian countries several times a year, and I know the living conditions there very well. Therefore we feel personally committed to support Infinite Compassion, because children are always underprivileged in a society and our donation can provide sustainable help.”

hairtalk will make another donation of EUR 20,000 in 2016, this amount is required for completion and interior work respectively.

Although construction of the school is a great achievement more donations are required to cover the current costs, e.g. food for the pupils, clothing, teaching materials, salaries for the trained teachers, etc.

A sponsorship for a schoolchild may also be assumed. For one child € 40.– are required per month. Moreover Infinite Compassion keeps on collecting donations for school projects in Nepal and India as well as for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

Please donate to the following account:

Infinite Compassion Deutschland e.V.
IBAN: DE38 6645 0050 0004 8725 62
intended use: Khango Project

Further information and news about the project you`ll find here on our website.