India, Girls' school - Infinite Compassion

India, Girls’ school

Infinite Compassion Germany is now about to create the first school for girls. This is a project, which is wished for a long time already as it is very needed. The late Shamar Rinpoche had already chosen a piece of land for this in 2006. It took a while to find confidential persons to guide the project and look after it and just recently we started to do the fundraising. Located between Kalimpong and Darjeeling amongst Indian tea gardens it is a very idyllic spot of land for this school.

What is done so far?

Acharya Tenzing Wangpo, who is in charge of the Diwakar Academy in Kalimpong, is now also responsible for this project, following a wish of Jigme Rinpoche. And thanks to many people supporting this project, the preparation phase is concluded and the building is under construction. After the water pipes and the power supply lines were set, and the septic tank was done, the carcass of the actual school building is finished by now. Even the windows were built and installed and now the inside walls are being built.

This school is not only meant for girls to live and study here but also for young women to learn reading and writing as well as joining the classes for handcraft. This will be a basis for them to find a job easier and to be more independent. In this area it is still customs that girls don’t work but stay at home to help there. The project consists of classrooms, 8 dormitories and a small temple, which can also be used by the local Buddhists. The total price for the building inclusive the preparation works of the ground, the above-mentioned actions and all further works is 320,000 Euros. Thanks to generous sponsors and the donations already received, we could already transfer 150,000 Euros for the building, which is amazing.

In order to continue with the construction works, we are urgently looking for further sponsors and donations to realize this school project for the girls and to take care of the running costs afterwards.

Many thanks to all who have been participating in the realization of this wonderful and beneficial project!