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India, Chakma schools in Diyun

The first project funded by “Infinite Compassion Deutschland e.V.“ is the construction of a school in Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh. This area is inhabited by a part of the Buddhist people of Chakma. They were expelled from islamic Bangladesh during the 60s because of their religion. Despite providing the refugees with land in Arunachal Pradesh the Indian Government does not feel responsible for infrastructure and support. 55% of the Chakma are illiterate. Medical care is almost non-existent, there are hardly any roads and only very few schools of which most only teach up to the 4th or 5th grade. The foundation stone for the Chakma School Project was laid in May 2008.

During a meeting with Shamar Rinpoche Project initiators Mr Worna & Mrs Hannah Zohari from Northrhine-Westphalia were informed by him then about the unacceptable situation of the Chakma in India. It was jointly agreed to set up an aid project and only a few months later Mr & Mrs Zohari travelled to north east India to obtain a first-hand impression of the situation there. Words were followed by action: approx. 40,000 sqms of land could be purchased in January 2009 already. The architectural design of the buildings was made by the German architect Willi Kröger from Nepal within just a few weeks and construction of the first school buildings was finished and classes could start in May 2009 already.

Infinite Compassion has been supporting the Chakma Project from its beginning by doing the administrative work and by systematically collecting donations which are routed directly into the Project thus benefitting the children. Under the auspices of Shamar Rinpoche and thanks to the personal and financial efforts of Worna and Hannah Zohari the Project has developed very successfully in the meantime. Additional buildings could be constructed and pupils are already taught in three classrooms since summer 2010. There are daily meals for all children and teachers, a private water-supply well and an area of land which is used for agricultural purposes, whose income will make the School Project self-supporting within some years. The Project further develops continuously and already today we thank all generous donors for their support.

For further information on the Chakma School Project please click here: This School Project allows Chakma children to obtain a good education. This is the prerequisite for them and their families for having better lives. In this region there is a lack of everything and if you wish to help by providing education and thus a decent future to the Chakma children please make donations to the account mentioned on the right, quoting the reference “Chakma Project”. Even small amounts can have a significant impact. “Infinite Compassion” will not only support this School Project but many other similar projects. In the Himalaya Region in particular a good school education is the exit from poverty into a more decent life. This keeps parents from “selling” their daughters so the family can survive. Therefore, the girls would inevitably be forced into prostitution.

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