Diwakar Grundschule in Indien

India, Diwakar Primary School

Diwakar Primary School, March 2016

The Diwakar Primary School in Takdah/Darjeeling is presently attended by 150 children between the age of 6 and 16 years. Not only do they receive a basic education according to the Indian Government, but are also taught English, Nepali and Tibetan.

The number of children nearly doubled after the earthquake in Nepal and India in 2015. Many children became orphans and are now looking for shelter, support and education.

The accommodation and sanitary facilities were not designed for such a large number of additional students. Therefore it is important to quickly find a solution. Another two-storey building with 5 classrooms, 10 bedrooms and a library will be built. We already started the construction, however urgent financial support is necessary for the completion but above all for daily meals and clothes for the children.

Watch the video of Jigme Rinpoche visiting the school.



Report about earthquake damage 2010: Monks‘ school for 120 pupils (new construction and repair work)

The main building (an old colonial building) was heavily damaged because of the earthquake in 2010 and cannot be used as a school due to danger of collapsing. Willi Kröger, a German architect, estimated that it can be used later as a guest house and administration building. But a lot of work will have to be done before, such as pulling down the roof as well as some walls. The cost still has to be investigated.

Luckily all 80 pupils and teachers were not in the building during the earthquake and nobody was injured. However all pupils found provisional accommodation in tents for the time being. The education as well as serving of meals take place in a damaged extension of a building. During monsoon season this situation will be unbearable and building measures are urgently necessary. Preferably a new building has to be constructed next to the main building, situated on the sloping ground. This will provide accommodation for studying, eating and other necessary rooms. A required extension of capacity to 120 pupils also needs to be considered.

Planning is in progress (documentation of the structural analysis will be available shortly) in order to finish at least part of the first building, before the monsoon season starts. To be better protected against earthquakes in the future, the complete building complex will be flexibly connected in separate parts. The structural analysis will of course be calculated accordingly, which again will automatically increase the costs. This will allow building on different types of soil on the steep slope as well as using a staged construction process.


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