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Looking for sponsors of 500 more tsatsas!

After the below-mentioned action with 1.000 golden tsatsas for the stupa hall in the Sharminub Institute has been concluded successfully, more space was now found above the relic stupa of Shamar Rinpoche for 500 additional tsatsas. This will not only upgrade the stupa hall even more – it also means that the unique fundraising action will go on! As described below numerous people have the chance to benefit from this action.

The donation form can be found below – thank you very much for any contribution.

The 14th Künzig Shamar Rinpoche founded the Sharminub Institute Project. It was his vision to open an internationally renowned institution, which offers qualified Buddhist teachings to ordained monks as well as to lay people. This will give great benefit to all sentient beings. The Sharminub Institute is located below the holy Nagarjuna mountain with a beautiful view over the Kathmandu valley. Buddha Shakyamuni himself has already been here with his students. The peace up here provides a pleasant contrast to the city’s hectic lifestyle.

Beside others, a great hall belongs to this Institute, in which a relics stupa is placed. It contains the remains of Shamar Rinpoche who passed away in Renchen-Ulm, Germany, in June 2014. On the wall behind statues of all 14 Shamarpas as well as 1,000 Buddha Amitabha Tsatsas will be placed (see photo on right). These Tsatsas contain relics of Shamar Rinpoche. A donation of 1,000 Euro sponsors one gold-colored Tastsa. Everyone donating such a Tsatsa will also receive one.

This amount may be shared by up to 4 people (€250.- each) and each of them will also receive a Tsatsa. The name/s of the donor/s will be engraved in front of the Tsatas. The result will be a continuous long lasting benefit, because all names/people will receive a constant blessing from the stupa, from the pujas taking place and the Lamas present – beyond this lifetime.

The Institute provides: 

  • University for studies with and without graduation
  • Research and translation center
  • Premium library for comparative religious studies
  • Dormitories and dining hall for approx. 200 students
  • Shopping center, medical care center, pharmacy, shops etc.
  • Hotel, guest house, restaurants, cafes
  • Retreat center for long- and short-term retreats
  • 35 Buddha Stupa
  • Kagyu Temple
  • Residence for Shamar Rinpoche and his H.H. Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dorje as well as other guestrooms and apartments for lamas and scholars.

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    Online Donation Form

    I hereby commit to support Shamibub by buying one gold-coloured Tsatsa at a price of € 1,000, for which I will receive a Tsatsa myself within the next few months.
    For reservation purposes my down payment will be….€… (€ 50.- min)

    This amount may be shared by up to 4 people (€250.- each) and each of them will also receive a Tsatsa. The name/s of the donor/s will be engraved in front of the Tsatsa, which stays in Sharminub.