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Nepal, stray dogs

Ear-piercing barking permeates the nights in Kathmandu. Like in many areas of Nepal there are so many street dogs. They urgently need the help of humans as they have to endure hard lives on the roads. The dogs don’t have shelters, they eat garbage, they get sick or they are injured, sometimes tortured, poisoned or hit by a car. They don’t count in human society and are often ignored by the people when they are sick or close to death.

The „Animal Nepal“ care program aims at reducing the population of street dogs in order to diminish their suffering. This is done by castrations as one female dog and her offspring give birth to several thousand dogs in their lives! 75% of the puppies die early though due to the grim conditions on the roads. „Animal Nepal“also provides vaccination for the dogs (against rabies etc.), medical care for injured animals and last but not least raises awareness for animal care.

In 2017 „Animal Nepal“ is planning to castrate 1,500 dogs in Kathmandu, 1,100 in Lalitpur, 300 in Lumbini and 100 in Swayambhu. Additionally, 1,600 dogs should be vaccinated and 1,000 should receive medical care. The total costs for these activities will be approx. USD 140,000. The plan is to castrate up to 10,000 dogs in the next years in order to create a healthy population, which can live harmoniously with the people.

In addition to this active help in the streets, „Animal Nepal“ is also politically active in the Nepalese government by campaigning for laws for animals’ rights. The animal rights activists also go to schools, factories and local communities to raise people’s awareness for the rights of animals. Not only is such education important for dealing with street dogs, but also for treating pets at home. There are only few Nepalese who feel responsible for their dogs. Many have several dogs without being aware of their needs.

Every year about 200 people die in Nepal because of rabies, which can be transmitted by dogs to humans. Therefore, the Nepalese should have a vested interest in the health of street dogs.

If you wish to support this care for dogs, please send one-off or regular donations to the account of Infinite Compassion, quoting ‘Dogs in Nepal’ as a reference.