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Infinite Compassion is an international charity organization, which was founded by the realized Tibetan Buddhist Master Shamar Rinpoche in 2009: “It is wonderful to pray to Buddha, but it is even better to help another being in distress and need. Active help is a wonderful remedy for all our problems.”


supports projects for:

All active members of Infinite Compassion help on a voluntary basis.
This allows us to only require a very small amount of 2% for administration cost compared with other organizations, which have to use up to 40% of their donations for administrative purposes.
In all projects supported by us we cooperate with trustworthy people who are personally well-known to us, and who lead and control the individual projects locally.

India, Diwakar School

The Diwakar Primary School in Takdah/Darjeeling takes care of currently about 150 children between ages of 6-16. They receive a profound school education according to the guidelines of the Indian Government…

Nepal, Sharminub Institute

Sponsorship possible for another 500 Tsatsas! After the below mentioned action with 1.000 golden tsatsas for the stupa hall in the Sharminub Institute was successfully completed, more space has been created above the stupa…

India, Girls‘ School

It is with great joy that we can inform you about the construction process for our first girls‘ school in Soreng (between Takdah and Kalimpong), India! The building site was already found many years ago by Shamar Rinpoche …

India, Diwakar Academy

The Diwakar Buddhist Academy is situated in Kalimpong/India. About 150 monastic students between ages of 16 – 30 years are studying Buddhist Philosophy, Tibetan language, and literature as well as English…

Nepal, Help for Women

Khema Nepal, a non-profit charity organization in Kathmandu, supports women from the villages in the mountains, who are suffering from pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, this problem appears quite often in the remote areas of Nepal…

Nepal, Stray Dogs

Ear-piercing barking permeates the nights in Kathmandu. Like in many areas of Nepal there are so many street dogs. They urgently need the help of humans as they have to endure hard lives on the roads…