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Nepal, Help for women

Khema Nepal, a non-profit charity organization in Kathmandu, supports women from the villages in the mountains, who are suffering from pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, this problem appears quite often in the remote areas of Nepal, because the women there have to continue working on the fields even right after having given birth. They cannot recover properly first. A pelvic organ prolapse impairs the daily life of these women in a very serious way and they are deeply grateful for receiving medical treatment, may it be ayurvedic medicine or an operation if required.

Khema Nepal goes to the villages, provides profound information and grants necessary help and care for free. If an operation is unavoidable the women will be picked up and taken to a hospital in Kathmandu where they are taken care of and after a time of recovery they are brought back home. It is a very admirable work that is done here, which we are happy to support. As we are also knowing the responsible persons personally, we can guarantee that the donations are used in a proper way. They have already helped many women, saving them from severe suffering and granting a life that is worth-living again.

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If you want to support this project, you could simply send your one-off or regular donation to the account of Infinite Compassion, mentioning: Khema Nepal.